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Tuesday night (6/14) the wife and I went to see Cake at the Ogden Theater. We saw them once before in Denver, and were really excited to hear that they were coming back to Denver. The announcement was sometime in March, and we bought the tickets right away.

They went without an opening band this time, playing 2 sets. I didn’t realize that they weren’t going to have an opener until we got there, which was almost a disappointment. The last time we saw them they had a Bluegrass band named “The Hackensaw boys”, a rockabilly band named “The Detroit Cobras”, and “Cheap Trick”. Of course, since they didn’t have any opening act, they played two sets, which was great.

My only complaint is about the Venue. The Ogden is broken down into several "strips”, each raised a little higher than the one in front of it. The strips were absolutely packed, and it was near impossible to get in and out of there. If you left where you were standing, you had to really squeeze by people, and I saw a number of people with drinks in cups spill them all over the place. If they could somehow keep the back of the areas clear for people to walk in, it would probably help with that issue.

There’s also an upstairs to the theater, with some seating. Unfortunately we didn’t get there too early, and all of the seating was taken. If we go back there we’ll have to show up a little earlier so we can nab some of those seats.

Overall, great show. John McCrea is hilarious, and he has a lot of fun with the audience. I’ll also have to say that I’ve never went to a concert where they gave away a tree (a Red Delicious Apple Tree). You can check out the “Cake Forest” google map to see where all the trees they have given away are.

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5 thoughts on “Cake at the Ogden Theater

  1. Hello Mike, glad to see you’re back to blogging! Didn’t see much posts from you recently and was wondering what you’re up to. It seems google is a very well-rounded tool for searching, but it came to me that I wasn’t able to look for what I wanted, a service manual for acer computers. I was hoping if you could tell me some sites where you came across with service manual for acer notebooks, as I believe there aren’t any on their official website. Thanks!

  2. Hey Donald!

    Besides the vendor’s web site, I don’t know of any other places to get manuals. I recently found my washing machine’s manual by searching for the model number and manual.


  3. haha washing machine manual on the vendor’s website? that’s crazy! oh well it’s alright, although i do have some experiences disassembling computers, having a manual is always a better option incase something goes out of hand. thanks for the heads up!

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