Just a little cleaning up

I just did an update on my WordPress install, and I was lamenting the fact that I have a crappy Drupal Install and looking just a bit into how I can convert it, when I noticed a couple of things just out of whack on this blog.

1. My blogroll – It’s pretty outdated. So I changed it a bit.

I see that my long ago blogging buddy Phil Stolle hasn’t done much with Thought Sparks in awhile, so I’m going to move that link to the bottom. I’m sure he’s just in the same boat I’m in, not enough time or motivation to blog away his days and nights 🙂

Looks like Phil gave up on Tech Fires, so I removed that one all together.

Scott Blitzen is still going strong. Go Scott Go! Well, if not going strong, at least he’s beating me out by a long shot. Scott, I just went to Red Rocks again a few weeks ago to see Cake, and I thought about when I took that picture there as a salute to you. Happy days!

My other primarily ignored and abandoned blog is Geeks on Tech, which although it changed from Two Guys Tech years and years ago, I still hadn’t updated the link in the blog roll. So I did that.

Since two blogs wasn’t enough to ignore, a good while ago I started yet another, called Good Homebrew, so I added that link. Yes, it’s being appropriately ignored as well.

Kudos to the following bloggers who are still going strong. Pearl over at Interesting Observations, Steve Wilson Marketing, Simple Help, Teckh, and Kelly at Kellementology (What happened to Sass and Veracity?).

I hope I’m not too hasty in my decision (feel free to appeal it if I am) but I also relegated Ghosts in the Machine to the bottom of the list.

2. Brewing Links – The tab at the top that says “Brewing” leads to a page, that has 3 links that lead you to pages that say, this page has moved. Who’s great idea was that? Oh, yea, I did it. Anyway, I changed those to go to a page that has the correct info on it.

3. Comments – About a week ago I noticed that I was getting quite a large number of spammy link farming comments. I quickly grew tired of spamming them, so I made a bit of a change to comments on the site. Now, once a post is 120 days old, comments are disabled. It’s sad to say that I effectivly disabled comments on the site since my last post was over a year old. Of course, now that I’ve posted this, you can comment to your hearts content.

So, does all of this activity mean I’m going to start posting again? Probably not. I still get creative spurts, but life is as busy as ever. Let’s just leave it at, we’ll see what happens.

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