Mike’s Brewing Schedule

Of course, it’s subject to change depending on many things, to include ingredient availability, personal scheduling, and the alignment of the planets, just to name a few. But, here it goes:

2011’s Schedule

2011-01-28 – I haven’t finalized anything for 2011 yet, I do have some brews that I most definitely want to brew, and I’ve gotten as far as writing those down, well, somewhere, but I haven’t mapped it out yet. In 2010 I missed pretty much everything from July on, so I may swing back around and try to get those. We’ll see.

2010’s Schedule

Brew Date


Ready by

Jan 31st (Brewed) Vienna Lager Early March
April 2nd (Brewed) 90 Shilling Clone Early April
April 3rd (Brewed) Marvin’s Marian Marzen October
April 11th (Brewed) Bavarian Hefeweizen May
May (Brewed) Sweet Mutt Honey Brown June
May (Brewed) Rye Beer June
June (Brewed) Crimson Corps Bulldog Ale November 10th
June (Brewed) Semper Fi-PA November 10th
July (brewed) Peach Lambic New Years?
July (missed) Rasberry lambic New Years?
August Vail Pale Ale September
September HMS Victory ESB October
October Any Pub in London Bitter November
November Poor Richard’s Ale December
December HMS Victory Vanilla Porter February 2011

2010-03-25 – I had missed a couple of brew days, for the 90 Shilling Clone and the Octoberfest, and I also realized that I should move the Lambics to July, since that’s when the fruit I need will be in season. I actually added 2 more brews, the Hefeweizen and the Rye beer. I’m planning on buying 50# of 2 Row in April, so I may have to change some of the brews in order to use it all, or add more brew days.

2010-08-07 – The Lambic recipe I went with was looking for up to 6 months in primary, and 6 months in secondary. I simply don’t have enough carboys to brew 2 of these at once, so I passed on the second one. Although as soon as I’m done with the one I have now, I’m going to start up a second one.

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