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The traveling cooler


We recently went to Disney World, and visited some family in Georgia. The entire trip, I had my trusty 68 Quart Igloo cube in the back, filled with ice and beer. I started out by filling it with Colorado beers that weren’t available in Georgia, those were given to relatives and friends. I then started filling it with beers that I haven’t seen here in Colorado. Pictured above are the ones that survived the journey back.

Although I’m a fan of tasting new beers, and can tell you what I like and don’t like, I don’t feel qualified to give a really thorough review. All of the beer I had there was very tasty, and I liked all of them. Here’s what I had to sample.

Orange Blossom Pilsner – Brewed by “Orange Blossom Pilsner LLC”. This was just plain delicious. I stopped in a large liquor store, and I could only find 2 beers from Florida, and the other one was Landshark which I’ve already had. Highly suggest this one.

Sea Dog Blue Paw – Wild Blueberry Ale – Brewed by Sea Dog Brewing – Strangly enough, I found this beer brewed in Maine in the Florida liquor store that I mentioned above. If you don’t like fruity beers then you may want to skip this one. As it turns out, I’m finding that I really enjoy a fruity beer, especially in hot weather.

The blueberry aroma and taste in Blue Paw is so strong that it’s almost like a blueberry soda. The weather was extremely hot, and I found this beer to be very nice and refreshing. I think I’m going to have to find a clone recipe before next summer.

Georgia BrownSweet Water Brewing, Atlanta Georgia – MMmmm Malty.

Sweetwater 420 Extra Pale AleSweet Water Brewing, Atlanta Georgia – Nice pale ale. I sampled this one at a restaurant.

Sweetwater BlueSweet Water Brewing, Atlanta Georgia – Another Blueberry beer, not nearly as strong as Blue Paw. Very tasty.

Golden AleTerrapin Beer CO, Athens Ga – Yummy

Rye Pale AleTerrapin Beer CO, Athens Ga – Very nice pale ale. I had made a Rye beer not too long ago which was similar.

Gaelic AleHighland Brewing Company, Asheville NC – Got a good laugh doing my Scottish impression saying that “All the other Gaelic Ales are crap!”. This was delicious, although I was a little confused that it’s described as a “amber American ale”, yet is named Gaelic Ale.

Laughing SkullRed Brick Brewing Company, Atlanta Ga – A very tasty and respectable Amber Ale.

Unfortunately, I took too long to write this post, and I didn’t take any notes about the beers I had. So my descriptions are lacking. I’ll have to remember that next time for sure.

After this trip, I realize how lucky I am to have the beer selection that I have here in Colorado. Although things are getting better in the south, selections from local brewers, as well as microbrew selection in general, is still pretty limited.

Remember folks, support your local brewers!

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Adjusted Brew Schedule Revision 2 and some updates

5WeekApfelwein If you didn’t find it on your own, I posted my 2010 Brew Schedule. I never mentioned it on the blog, so you would have had to notice the link at the top of the site.

If you didn’t check it out, don’t worry, because I had to make some changes to it. Here’s what I did:

1. Re-scheduled missed brews – I was late on both my 90 Shilling clone, and my Octoberfest. Those were supposed to be brewed in February and early March, but I skipped right over them, just too busy. I moved them to the first weekend in April.

2. Moved the Lambics – Since I’m going to need a big pile of fruit for those, I thought it made good sense to make them when that fruit was actually in season. It’s going to be like 6 to 18 months before I drink them anyway, so it’s not like I’m in a hurry.

3. Added a Hefeweizen in April, and a Rye beer in May – I don’t know why I didn’t have these on the schedule anyway, Hefeweizen is one of my favorites, and I’ve always wanted to make some rye beer. Not to mention it will give me something a little lighter to drink in the summer.

If you look at the schedule, April is going to be a busy month, I’m making 2 brews on one weekend, and a third the next weekend. July is pretty busy too, with 3 brews that month too. We have some relatives visiting us over the summer, so I wanted to have a good selection of beer available.

Believe it or not, I’m actually hoping to squeeze in some more brewdays, but we’ll see about that. I’m hoping to start on making a electric Hot Liquor Tun (HLT), which basically just heats and holds hot water, which would save me a  lot of time and propane. I hope that I’ll also be getting a wort chiller for father’s day. Both of these should cut some time off of my 8 hour brew days.

Next month I’ll be picking up a 50 pound sack or two of malt from a group buy I’m taking part of in Denver. Near the end of the year, I may have to start brewing a little extra in order to use that all up.

I’ve been having some trouble with my kegging setup, nothing real bad, but I still need to do some work on it. Of course, Pinewood Derby is coming up pretty quick, so I may be doing more of that over the weekends rather than hobby projects. I’ll find out tonight if the Vienna Lager I made is carbonated well enough.

Hope everyone has a good weekend, and thanks for reading!

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Beer – Now A Health food?

Beer PintI ran across a couple of articles today that were pretty interesting. According to this Forbes Article, drinking 1 – 2 beers daily can:

  1. 1. Cut Men’s risk of dying from a heart attack by 30 – 35%.
  2. 2. Raise your HDL (good cholesterol).
  3. 3. Make your blood cells less likely to clog an artery.
  4. 4. Help protect against type 2 diabetes.

I also ran across this article in wired citing a study that linked beer consumption with higher bone mineral density. Evidently Beer has a good deal of bio-available Silicon, which our body needs.

I’ve also seen research, but am too lazy to go look it up now, that shows that an active chemical in hops may be able to help stop prostate and breast cancer. Those studies are still in the early stages though.

Go Beer!

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Excitement is Brewing


Or is it that brewing is excitement? A few weeks ago, I set a brew date for myself, and it’s this Sunday! I started getting excited as soon as I set it, and have just been gearing up since.

I won’t be brewing at Great Divide Brewing Co, but it was a fitting picture for the post.

This time, I’m making a 10 gallon batch of a recipe called “Centennial Blonde” that I found over at Home Brew Talk forums. I’ve made it once before and everyone loved it, but I only made 5 Gallons of it, so this time I’m going to double the pleasure, double the fun.

This will also be my first 10 gallon batch, so I’m hoping it doesn’t add too much to the brew day. The original idea was to use some yeast that I “rinsed”, which is basically a way to re-use yeast, but my starter doesn’t seem to be active, so I think those yeasties are either really sleepy, or dead.

To add a little interesting twist to the recipe, I think I’m going to use the Nottingham yeast that it calls for in the recipe for one of my 5 Gallon Carboys, and buy some new American Ale yeast for the second carboy. This way I can compare them and see if I can tell a difference.

I’m already plotting to try and put a Stout on top of the yeast cake after I bottle, but we’ll see if that happens.

Oh yea, and Christmas is coming up too. I am pretty psyched up for Christmas, I think I got some good gifts for my family, and I’m looking forward to having some good friends over for Christmas Eve dinner. Maybe they can help me empty some beer bottles for my next batch. 🙂

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Brew Your Own Beer?

image March? Really? I haven’t put anything here since March?

In my last post, I mentioned that I had been doing a lot of reading about beer, and was thinking of starting to brew my own. Well after a summer of not being home, between various work travels and vacation, I’m now pretty far along with that hobby.

Directly after the last post I ended up brewing a delicious Hefeweizen, and I was incredibly pleased with how well it came out. Then came all the travel.

My next batch of beer was a “No Sham Shamrock Irish Ale” from the book “The Complete Joy of Homebrewing”, and I only have 6 of those left. They also came out terrifically.

Right now, I have a few weeks before the next batch is ready, it is Presidential Pale Ale, which I hope I like as much as I like Bristol’s Red Rocket.

Then last night I brewed Thunderstruck Pumpkin Ale, which I found on the most useful Home Brew Talk Forums. Highly suggest a visit there if you are interested in the subject.

I’m up to 20 Gallons brewed, and I’m looking forward to my next batch.

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