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Cake at the Ogden Theater



Tuesday night (6/14) the wife and I went to see Cake at the Ogden Theater. We saw them once before in Denver, and were really excited to hear that they were coming back to Denver. The announcement was sometime in March, and we bought the tickets right away.

They went without an opening band this time, playing 2 sets. I didn’t realize that they weren’t going to have an opener until we got there, which was almost a disappointment. The last time we saw them they had a Bluegrass band named “The Hackensaw boys”, a rockabilly band named “The Detroit Cobras”, and “Cheap Trick”. Of course, since they didn’t have any opening act, they played two sets, which was great.

My only complaint is about the Venue. The Ogden is broken down into several "strips”, each raised a little higher than the one in front of it. The strips were absolutely packed, and it was near impossible to get in and out of there. If you left where you were standing, you had to really squeeze by people, and I saw a number of people with drinks in cups spill them all over the place. If they could somehow keep the back of the areas clear for people to walk in, it would probably help with that issue.

There’s also an upstairs to the theater, with some seating. Unfortunately we didn’t get there too early, and all of the seating was taken. If we go back there we’ll have to show up a little earlier so we can nab some of those seats.

Overall, great show. John McCrea is hilarious, and he has a lot of fun with the audience. I’ll also have to say that I’ve never went to a concert where they gave away a tree (a Red Delicious Apple Tree). You can check out the “Cake Forest” google map to see where all the trees they have given away are.

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Getting Medieval on Wallpaper Tuesday


Sorry that I’m so late on this Wallpaper Tuesday, things have really been piling up, and then to make matters worse, I broke my Jeep and have been having lots of problems getting it squared away. Without any more delay…

For this week’s Wallpaper Tuesday I figured I should pick a local attraction. The picture to the left is of Bishop’s Castle, located near San Isabel and Rye Colorado. It’s my photo, so feel free to download it and use it for your wallpaper.

The castle’s construction was started in 1969, and has been built by one man.You can read more about the castle on it’s web site.

It’s really an impressive site, especially considering that one man has built it. The dragon head you see is actually a chimney, but has also been fitted with a propane torch so that it can breath fire. Visitors are allowed to climb around the castle, although those afraid of heights may want to stick to ground level.

If you’re in the area, it’s worth the stop, and you won’t complain about the free admission.

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A Colorful Colorado Wallpaper Tuesday

image The photo is “Colorful Colorado River” by Wisdoc.

One of the reasons that I haven’t moved from Colorado yet is the beauty of the place. I just don’t know many places that are as breathtaking as Colorado. At least not many other places I’ve been.

Now, I don’t want to start a whose state is prettier contest, I’m very fond of saying that “The mind can make a hell out of a heaven, and a heaven out of a hell”. I’m not sure who said it first, but I discovered it while I was in the Marine Corps, and I still find it true to this day.

The Mountains here are spectacular, and the rock formations are out of this world. The weather is great, and even the winters aren’t that bad.

OK, OK, I’ll stop now. I hope you enjoy this great picture, and thanks to Wisdoc for making it available.

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There’s Really a Colorado Alligator Farm?

IMG_1554 It’s funny that when I mention going to the Alligator farm here in Colorado, even people who have lived here all of their lives look at me like I’m making a joke.

I know, it seems pretty odd, especially if you know the area. Mosca is a arid area of Colorado, very close to Alamosa and the Great Sand Dunes, it could really be described as a high plains desert.

Underneath that area of Colorado, are several Aquifers, lots of water, that can be tapped into. The Alligator farm itself has a 2,000+ feet deep well.

Originally, the Alligator farm opened up to grow Tilapia. This was going pretty well, except that they needed to find a way to get rid of all of the dead fish, and what was left over after the fish were processed. This sounds like a job for an Alligator!

IMG_1550 They brought in an alligator, and it did well. So they brought more in. The interesting thing is that people would bring their unwanted exotic pets to the Alligator farm too.

Now the gator farm has a whole slew of creatures, from Wallabies, constricting snakes, bearded dragons, the biggest snapping turtle I’ve ever seen, tortoises, and of course, lots of Alligators.

It’s a pretty fun place to visit. When you go in you can buy a bucket of “gator chow” and feed the alligators as you go through. The tanks that hold the Tilapia are much like an aquarium, and there’s lots of animals to see.

Several times throughout the day, they wrestle the gators, and all of the staff is about as friendly as you could want them to be.

While we were there we started talking to a group that was sifting in the pond. Turns out they were looking for Alligator teeth, they fall out naturally, and they were even nice enough to give us a few.

IMG_1560 We also mentioned that we had missed the wrestling of the gators last time, and it didn’t look like they were going to be able to do it that afternoon due to weather. Well, one of the guys got out of the pond, went over and wrestled with one of the alligators for us. It was really nice of them, especially considering we were the only ones there at the time.

We’ve made trips down there just to see the alligator farm, but there’s lots more to see in the area. If you happen to be visiting the Great Sand Dunes, or just passing through, I really suggest stopping by the gator farm.

The Alligator farm is located at:

9162 County Road 9 North

Mosca, CO 81146

(719) 378-2612

Colorado Gators Website

Profile on Colorado Head Waters

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