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Find out What is Using up Your Hard Drive Space With WinDirStat

Have you ever looked at your hard disk free space, and wondered where it all went? I mean, when I bought that 250G drive, I thought I would never need more space.

WindirStat is a easy way to graphically see where all of that free space went to. I use it all the time, even on my networks, to see what is using up all of my drive space.

Of course, it doesn’t run instantly, after all, WinDirStat has to crawl through every directory on your hard drive. While directories are being updated, you are entertained with little packmen running back and forth next to the directories it is updating.


The visual representation of the files is neat, but I really look for the top half of the screen, pictured below.


Directories are listed with the largest on top, and you can continue to drill down into the subdirectories to find out what they are made up of.

This really is a great utility, and you can’t beat the price, which is free.

You can download WinDirStat from the Downloads page, also check out the WinDirStat Web Site.

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Download Large Files later with WinWget

imageIf you’re in the habit of downloading large files, like ISO images, and you happen to be a Windows User, you may want to take a look at WinWGet.

Use your Bandwidth later

Personally, when I’m surfing the web, writing posts, or playing some First Person Shooter, I want all the bandwidth I can muster. So I try to schedule my downloads for when I’m sleeping. This is why I first decided to look at WinWGet.

Don’t use up all of your Bandwidth

Another reason that I like WinWGet is that you can limit the rate at which you are downloading. This is pretty handy if you are downloading a large file from a web site, and you want to still be able to use your Internet connection.

Or, if you are downloading a large file from a big web site, and you don’t want to use up all of your company’s Internet connection.

Resume Broken Downloads

One other benefit to downloading large files with WinWGet is that if the download stops for some reason, and the server supports it, you don’t have to start from scratch. If you ever try to download a 5G file from a flaky server, you’ll thank me for this tip.

What is WinWGet

WGet is a powerful command line utility in Unix / Linux, which among other things, allows you to download files from the Internet in the command prompt or console window. Luckily, for the Windows users, WinWGet is a very powerful GUI utility and WGet port for Windows.

Download and Install

If you go to the homepage for WinWGet, you can find the download page.

I don’t usually advise it, but in this case, I would get the .20 beta version, which is a single download you can get here. I haven’t had any problems with this beta, and it is a heck of a lot easier to do it this way.

After saving the installer to disk, and then running it, the install is pretty straightforward. Click on Next 7 times (feel free to change any defaults to whatever your heard desires), and then install and finally “finish”.

After installation, you’re ready to start creating your first download jobs.

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